American Glory is on the 1912 map as a confectionery store-name not listed, and later as “Horton’s Ice Cream. Warm’s Restaurant was opened in 1949, Sam and Yosel Warm came to Tannersville as peddlers in the 1800s, Yosel remaining in the profession of buying butter and eggs and supplying stores and hotels, while Sam opened… Read More

The Annex was Honigsbaums Departments Store. It was a two-story building that sold everything that a typical “General Store” would. It is listed on the 1912 map as groceries and tailor as Honigsbaums was a grocery store combined with the general store. Hunter Foundation purchased this building in 2005. A major renovation took place gutting… Read More

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Bear Plaza (aka the old A&P) was purchased in 2017. We have consulted with an architect to determine the best use for this space. Renovations will take place this winter and completed in the spring of 2018. We currently have two commercial businesses interested in the future space… Read More

Originally a pharmacy. It appears to be a pharmacy in “The History of Greene County” 1884. It was on a 1912 map, listed as a pharmacy. In 1949 it shows owned by “Horwitz” as “Rexall” After that it became McManus Pharmacy. The Hunter Foundation purchased the building in 2006 envisioning the Tannersville General Store. The… Read More

Work began in 2010 to fabricate and install stairs and grating at the Creekwalk property creating a walkable space between the parking area behind the Antique Centers and Main Street. Benches, flowers and an informational kiosk were added creating a comfortable and relaxing sitting area, well lit for evening use.… Read More

The Fromer Property was purchased in 2015. The main focus has been the installation of the 60×144 ft. high -end double greenhouse and the complete renovation of the barn, barn apartment, and property. As part of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requirements, a storm water mitigation plan was put in place. Next spring the… Read More

Formally known as the Bickleman property. The Hunter Foundation purchased the building after the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene in 2011. Due to extensive damage and the redirection of the creek, the building cannot be salvaged. Plans are underway to create a park/green space incorporating the historic stone foundation.… Read More

Built in 1907 by V. Everit Macy, a distant cousin to the department store Macy’s and his wife, Edith Carpenter Macy. Designed by Delano and Aldrich, Hathaway’s Arts and Crafts style features American wormy chestnut paneling, eleven massive fireplaces, eight to twelve bedrooms (depending on how you count), each with a semi-private balcony, multiple bathrooms,… Read More

Formally known as the Hye-Land Motel built in the 1940’s. The buildings underwent major renovation to create what is now known as Hotel Mountain Brook. The Hunter Foundation purchased the building in 2003. This area’s only first-class Adirondack style Lodge is currently operated by Terrance and Amy Maul who are the new owners.… Read More

On the 1912 map it was listed as a “billiard room”, with no other information. On a 1949 map it is shown as “Lords Drug Store” After that and up until 2014 it was known as Mountain Candle. The Hunter Foundation purchased the building in 2014. Major construction began to rectify the deterioration of the building. After… Read More

Originally know as the “Tannersville Cottage” became “The Mansion House”-a large building reaching from 5981 to 6009 Main St. ( Stretching to the current Last Chance Cheese Restaurant). It was eventually torn down in the 1930s. After, Mr. Edward Raensch built a garage and gas station. It later became “Garrisons Sporting Goods”, followed by Sharon Leach’s… Read More

The bldg. itself was at one time Johnny the Barbers. The parking lot, facing north (23A) was the Lackey Building built in 1897. From the 1940s-1960s- it was “Olins Sweater Shop”, attracting shoppers from all around. The Hunter Foundation purchased the iconic Smiley’s location in 2011 In 2014 construction began to renovate and upgrade the… Read More

Mrs. Puddle Duck’s Child Care- a small building in this location on the 1912 map of the village is shown with no other details. It was noted as “Veterans Hall” in the late 1940s-1950s. At some point it was a Jewish Deli and Bubba’s Bayou Shack. Purchased by the Hunter Foundation in 2005. Underwent major… Read More

The Olin property formally housing the Bucca Law Office was purchased in 2016. Interior renovations of the house and office have resulted in a fresh new location for residential and commercial ventures. With artistic guidance from Elena Patterson the exterior has taken on a fresh, vibrant and colorful transformation.… Read More

The building shows on a 1912 map of the village, but no name is given. In the 1950s it was “The Tannersville Bar & Hotel” an Armenian-American establishment. Later known as the Kismet in the 1960s and lastly “Slopes”. Purchased in 2006 by the Hunter Foundation, the building has been completely renovated. The project consisted… Read More

In the early 1900’s Percy Sharpe ran a retail grocer. A 1949 map it shows as Tannersville Ideal Laundry, owned by Claude Campbell. It later was run as a beauty shop (Precision Cuts) in the mid to late 1970s. Purchased by the Hunter Foundation in 2012 the enclosed porch was opened up and the internal… Read More

Some history of the property located at 6073 Main Street across from the Tannersville Post office includes Lackey’s garage, which later became Julius Dolan’s garage. It was also known as The Broadway Garage. In 1930 Harry Thorpe (Phil Thorpe’s father) bought the garage. It then became a roller rink with rooms to rent upstairs. It… Read More

The Villa Maria was built as The Fenmore (meaning is “Dear Love”) in 1903 by W.I. Hallenbeck. Hallenbeck had recently sold his “Hallenbeck’s Hotel” (located just north of Route 23A at County Route 18) to Mr. Walter Renner (Renner‘s hotel). The Hallenbeck Hotel (Renners) was just around the corner of the new Fenmore (Villa Maria),… Read More

1890- originally had been built as home for Dr. Hainer. In the 1950s (possibly the 1930s and 40s) it was owned by Lilo Leeds and called “Lilo’s Lodge” The Hunter Foundation purchased the building in 2004. Some of the tenants over the years included Awakened Heart Café, Ana Star, Astor House Wireless Internet Café and… Read More