As our goal has always been to improve the town’s buildings and tax base, all of the buildings we own and or assist remain on the tax rolls at full assessed value!


  • To purchase, improve and resell blighted properties
  • Develop affordable residential and business properties
  • Promote business activity, particularly in the construction trades
  • Facilitate tourism/community infrastructure initiatives
  • Create a healthier tax base
  • Seek loans, donations, grants and tax advantages on behalf of Foundation goals
  • Advocate for State/Federal projects and assistance in the Town


  • Formed in 1997, the Hunter Foundation is a tax-exempt 501C3 organization.
  • Our reach extends to Haines Falls, Tannersville, Hunter, Ashland, Jewett, Prattsville, Lexington and Windham.
  • Our Board consists of 11 full- and part-time residents.
  • We purchase, renovate and sell properties along Route 23A, thus supplying affordable business and residential spaces in our communities, while also beautifying our towns.
  • All properties bought by the Foundation remain on the tax rolls at their full assessed value.
  • To date, we have renovated more than 100 homes and 35 businesses.
  • Through grants and donations, our local economies have expanded by over 12 million dollars.
  • We invite only local contractors to bid on our rehabilitation projects when able to, thereby ensuring that work stays within the community.