1890- originally had been built as home for Dr. Hainer. In the 1950s (possibly the 1930s and 40s) it was owned by Lilo Leeds and called “Lilo’s Lodge”

The Hunter Foundation purchased the building in 2004. Some of the tenants over the years included Awakened Heart Café, Ana Star, Astor House Wireless Internet Café and the Mountain Market and Bakery. In 2015, renovations took place for the much long anticipated and needed pharmacy. Pharmacist Ed Ullman of Wellness RX opened its doors in June 2015 as a patient-centered pharmacy blending traditional, alternative, and natural healing medicine into one. The property also has three rental apartments currently occupied by year round tenants.

Wellness RX / The Astor House

Purchased January 2004
Wellness RX Opened June 2015