The Village of Tannersville and The Hunter Foundation are pleased to share Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent announcement that a project valued at $1.0 million  has been awarded grant funding in the amount of $500,000 through the NYS Department of State Office of Planning and Development through the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program funded by Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund. The grant will help the Village to undertake the Implementation of The Gooseberry Creek Revitalization Strategy.  An additional $500,000 has been committed in local match.

The project will advance planning and design components that focus on community revitalization and quality of life enhancements for Tannersville and the surrounding area. This is the continued vision of the Village of Tannersville to expand the Huckleberry Trail System and will be the 2nd phase in further development of our commitment to link Main Street directly with Rip Van Winkle Lake and park amenities.

The 1st component funded in 2015 focused on developing the LWRP with community workshops being held and surveying the public for input on projects and programs to enhance linkages and public access to waterways, enhancement of recreation amenities, small business enhancement, streetscape and public gathering spaces along the Gooseberry Creek which flows through the center of the Village and pedestrian/trail linkages. This component also focused on a feasibility study to restore Rip Van Winkle Lake and identify and design priority projects for revitalization. The feasibility study is identifying  alternative methods for restoring the lake and managing stormwater as well as developing recreation and trail projects. The Village will use green infrastructure to reduce flood threats consistent with NYSDEC and NYCDEP’s management of the Forest Preserve and Catskill Watershed.  The development of a trail network that creates a trail around Rip Van Winkle Lake extending the Huckleberry Trail is  a component widely supported by the community at large in a recent meeting and multi-day design charrette. This trail will interconnect with a system of trails being developed for mountain bike use.

The partnership between the Village of Tannersville and the Hunter Foundation has been recognized by the State as longstanding and successful.  As part of this initiative, the Hunter Foundation has committed up to $500,000 in donated services and financial support for the program. We have contracted with a team led by River Street Planning & Development of Troy, New York, Place Alliance New York of Schenectady, New York and SWCA of Amherst ,Massachusetts.

Contact: The Hunter Foundation

Anne Jakubowski