Discovery Channel Showcases the village of Tannersville !

Road Trip Masters to Debut show at Villa Vosilla Nightclub in Tannersville, NY on Friday January 12 at 7pm! Public Welcome

“We are truly excited that this opportunity has come to our little ‘Painted Village in the Sky’” said Mayor Dr. Lee McGunnigle. “What a great way to showcase the area.”

The episode will air on Discovery, January 13th Saturday 5am. If not an early riser, DVR is a great option to view the episodes.

Road Trip Masters, a half hour TV show hosted by educators Nick Kessler and Brian Fulmer, once again rides into Tannersville. Their one mission is to tell the story of unique travel destinations across America. Nick and Brian take viewers along for the ride in their 1968 convertible Cadillac Deville as they road trip to explore each town or city in a fun, spontaneous and adventurous style.
“Brian and I are excited to comeback to this area and be a part of the screening of the Tannersville/Hunter episode of Road Trip Masters. We are extremely proud of the way it came out and feel it represents the area beautifully. We hope you feel the same way as we do when you see it!” says Nick.